Update: Becky Sue Turner

Hello everyone and apologies for having disappeared for so long. I was inspired to return today after having learned of the true identity of Becky Sue Turner/Lori Erica Kennedy/Lori Ruff.  I had stopped following the story and of course I completely missed the huge news that her true identity has finally been revealed.

After years of speculating, and everyone’s imagination running wild – I’m afraid the reality is somewhat anticlimactic:   Lori Ruff was NOT in the witness protection program, nor was she an escapee from a dangerous cult.  She hadn’t been abducted by some crazed individual as a child, she wasn’t in the mafia, etc….she was just a plain, old identity thief.  Sorry, guys.

A Social Security investigator named Joe Velling took on the case and eventually linked up with a genealogist in California by the name of Colleen Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick obtained DNA from Lori’s daughter and managed to build a family tree.  This led her to Pennsylvania, where she found a family whose 17 year old daughter had run away in 1986. A DNA test confirmed that Lori Ruff was the runaway daughter.

The family positively identified her as Kimberly McLean, who had disappeared and cut off contact 30 years earlier after her mom remarried and she didn’t get along with her step-father.

Case closed.